Nov 242014

There’s a UK Telegraph article published today entitled, “The big fat calorie countiing con.”  The article claims that calorie counting is “scientifically flawed”, and that “it could be doing more harm than good.”  The article then links to an OPINION paper and calls it “research.”  The paper, entitled “How calorie-focused thinking about obesity and related diseases may mislead and harm public health.  An alternative”, as well as the Telegraph article linking to it, create a giant strawman.

The strawman is that the concept of calorie counting is flawed because it ignores food quality and treats all food calories the same.  This is utter nonsense.  Calorie counting is simply an awareness tool, no different from regularly stepping on the scale … Read More

Oct 212014

While I am no longer continuing with my Weightology Weekly research review, there are good research reviews by my friends that I highly recommend.  One is the monthly Strength and Conditioning Research Review put out by my friends Bret Contreras and Chris Beardsley.  This thing is jam-packed with reviews of all the latest research related to the strength and conditioning field, released on a monthly basis.  You can subscribe annually by clicking here, and if you subscribe through this link you get 3 bonuses:

  1. A recent back issue so you get 13 issues rather than 12
  2. A completely up-to-date, 40-page research review on the key factors for gaining muscular strength
  3. A previously unseen e-book on the effects of periodization on
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Sep 032014

Normally I don’t endorse products, but Sol Orwell and my other evidence-based friends at have put together “Supplement Stack Guides”.  If you are interested in dietary supplements that actually have science to support them, these guides are for you.  The guides are organized by goal.  For example, if your goal is muscle gain and exercise performance, there is a specific guide for which supplements work together to help you reach your goals.  Only supplements with solid scientific research behind them are supported  These guides are truly ACTIONABLE lists of supplements.

If you’re interested in checking out the stack guides, click here.  Note that I am an affiliate for and receive a small commission for orders placed through … Read More

Jun 222014

Dear Weightology Weekly Subscriber,

In what has been a difficult decision, I have decided to not continue with Weightology Weekly.  With the recent major changes in my life, it has become too difficult to find the time to write articles on a weekly or even monthly basis.  When I started Weightology Weekly back in 2010, my goal was to deliver evidence-based, scientifically accurate information in the field of weight loss, nutrition, and fitness.  I feel that I have successfully achieved that goal.  However, as a paying subscriber, you deserve my full attention and ability to deliver articles on time, something which I feel that I can no longer do.  Therefore, there will be no more future issues of Weightology Read More