Jun 222014

Dear Weightology Weekly Subscriber,

In what has been a difficult decision, I have decided to not continue with Weightology Weekly.  With the recent major changes in my life, it has become too difficult to find the time to write articles on a weekly or even monthly basis.  When I started Weightology Weekly back in 2010, my goal was to deliver evidence-based, scientifically accurate information in the field of weight loss, nutrition, and fitness.  I feel that I have successfully achieved that goal.  However, as a paying subscriber, you deserve my full attention and ability to deliver articles on time, something which I feel that I can no longer do.  Therefore, there will be no more future issues of Weightology Read More

May 192014

Hello, everyone,

Some of you may already know that I have a brand new addition to my family born just a few days ago.  The prep work leading up to this wonderful moment, and of course the time I will be spending with my new daughter (and simultaneously managing my 19 month old), has resulted in me falling behind schedule on Weightology Weekly articles.  Currently I write 6 articles per month, and am about 9 articles behind right now (all of April and half of May’s articles).  I will likely be behind for a period of time but will eventually catch up.  Thanks for your patience as I adjust to this major change in my life.



Apr 232014

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