Who I Work With

Experience with weight training.  Weight training represents THE best form of exercise for transforming your body, whether that's through gaining muscle, losing fat, or both.  It's important that you have some experience with at least basic weight training movements before I work with you.  This allows us to focus on the things that are really going to impact your progress, such as diet, overcoming challenges/obstacles, etc.  You've paid for my time, and I want to make sure the time I spend with you will help you move forward.  Since I can't be with you in the gym in person, I'm not able to teach you correct form on exercises.  From a safety perspective, it is important you know how to do basic weight training movements in proper form.  If you don't have experience with basic weight training movements, then I recommend spending time with a trainer in person to learn the basics before working with me online.

Willing to count calories and macronutrients.  While you don't need to count calories or macros to be successful, it can certainly aid your progress, and it makes it much easier from my end to help diagnose what may be wrong if you aren't making progress.  While it's not something you need to do over the long-term, it is something you will need to do when working with me to help me make assessments.  Thus, you need to know how to read food labels, understand portion sizes, etc.  I can help guide you to a place where you won't need to count calories or macros all the time (depending upon your goals), but for most of our journey together it will be an important skill and assessment tool.  Click here to get more information on counting calories/macros.

Drug-free trainees only.  Athletes using steroids have unique needs that I do not have experience with.

No major injuries or medical conditions where training is contraindicated.  We all get minor injuries or aches/pains in the gym, and those can be worked around depending upon the nature of the condition.  For example, during my contest prep I had a case of golfer's elbow, which I worked around by using straps and a pronated, thumbless grip for all my back work, and avoiding flyes and curls.  But if you have a major injury requiring rehab or which will drastically limit your ability to train, or have medical conditions where training is contraindicated, then I am not in the position to be able to help you.

Adequate sleep/no chronic stress.  If you are consistently having sleep issues, then you should take care of that before working with me.  Lack of sleep can destroy fat loss success, and I want to make sure you are in the best position to succeed if you are going to pay me to help you.  Chronic stress can also be a killer.  It can make it difficult to focus, to adhere to a plan, and can also affect your appetite regulation and fat loss success.  Again, I want you to have the best possible chances of success when working with me, so having stress under control is a requirement.

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