Miscellaneous Articles

Here you'll find articles that don't fit under the Muscle Gain or Fat Loss categories.


Superhype Juices

Antioxidant Insanity

Physical Activity

Too Much Sitting May Be Hazardous To Your Health


Keeping the Coach in Science-Based Coaching (External)


Individual Differences: The Most Important Consideration for Your Fitness Results that Science Doesn't Tell You (External)

Thinking Better Series

Part 1 - The False Dichotomy

Part 2 - Confirmation Bias

Part 3 - Non Causa Pro Causa

Part 4 - The Straw Man

Part 5 - The Ad Hominem

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence


The Scam of Skin Antioxidant Testing

The Crap That Is Colon Cleansing

Airborne Insanity

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