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There are a number of research reviews on the market, and they all provide excellent services in their own unique ways,. all filling specific niches and complimenting each other quite well.  Weightology is focused primarily on the science of changing your body, whether that is fat loss or muscle gain.  Thus, I focus on the research that pertains to training and nutrition for either fat loss or building muscle.  My review is ideal for people trying to lose fat and weight, physique competitors, bodybuilders, people trying to build muscle, people who just want to look more fit, and trainers and coaches working with all of these types of people.

Some of the unique aspects of the Weightology Research Review include:

  • Research reviews are provided in both video and written format, with a list of practical applications on how you can take the science and apply it to your own programs or those of your clients.  Videos can be streamed or downloaded.  Articles can be viewed both online or downloaded in PDF format.
  • Mini-webinars on topics that I've lectured on at conferences.  Not everyone can travel to see my lectures; thus, I offer "mini-webinar" versions that you can watch from the comfort of your own home.
  • Evidence-based guides on various aspects of training and nutrition program design, with thorough reviews of all pertinent research.  You'll get the best, most up-to-date evidence-based guidelines for how to design your programs.
  • An "Ask James" section where you can ask me questions on anything related to exercise and nutrition.  If I don't know the answer, I'll do the research for you.
  • Access to my private Research Review/Coaching FB group, where you can engage with me and other members.  You can have input on the things YOU want to see reviewed!
  • New content is posted monthly.  In general, you can expect anywhere from 5-8 pieces of research reviews, evidence-based guides, video content, and "Ask James" content each month.
  • Content is organized by topic so that it's very easy to find what you're looking for.  There's no need to ask yourself, "Which issue was that topic in?" and have to do a lengthy search for it.

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James Krieger was one of the hidden gems of the fitness world when I was coming up. Honestly, when I read his now infamous series on insulin and body composition measurements, I felt like I had found a secret cache of knowledge that advanced my understanding of nutrition and body composition change more than the last 20 articles I'd read combined. Not only is James formally educated in both exercise and nutritional science, he has been in the fitness industry for years, he walks the walk, and he understands the ins and outs of the science because he himself is a published exercise and nutrition scientist. Not only has he published, he's published some of the most foundational journal articles in our field helping to establish fundamental relationships between exercise variables with hypertrophy and strength, and nutritional variables with fat loss and muscle retention. Reading weightology is not just a way to learn information, but a resource to help you learn how to think. I credit much of my critical thinking development from learning by his example and I proudly give weightology my highest recommendation. - Eric Helms, MS, CSCS, 3D Muscle Journey


Some of my closer friends know that I've been doing a lot of reading about nutrition and fitness during the last year and a half or so (in addition to curling in the squat cage). In my not-so-humble opinion there's a lot of bullsh*t out there, so it's good when you can find research based, reliable information. I've got a very small list of what I consider to be outstanding resources, one of which is James Krieger over at I'd highly recommend reading his material if the topic interests you. - Patrick Umphrey, Powerlifter, Eat Train Progress Coach

Again thank you so incredibly much for your service, as a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor and natural bodybuilder I'm constantly attempting to explain things through science and having your unbiased opinion lay out the info in layman's terms while providing MANY scientific references is a gift from the heavens. - Jameson Wolff, BCRPA, CSNA, Jameson Wolff Fitness Systems

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If the benefits listed above aren't enough, check out some of these other great features:

  • The Rapid Research Rundown, providing brief video or written summaries of other interesting studies in the fitness field.  Some research doesn't need a full review, but it's still worth talking about.
  • Weightology Classics, which cover older studies in the field, but studies that are still relevant now.  Good studies don't have expiration dates; there's some great older material out there that applies to training and nutrition!
  • Access to ALL back content.  If you subscribe, you don't just get new get to see all the older stuff too!

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