2-3 Day Per Week Whole Body Basic Hypertrophy Plan

This program can be used for either 2 (such as Monday and Thursday) or 3 non-consecutive days per week (such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). It is a very basic whole body program aimed at beginners that focuses on mainly compound movements.

There is an A and a B workout. If you do this 3 days per week, you can do ABA the first week, then BAB the next week, and so on.

You can choose the set volume (1 to 3 work sets) depending upon your experience and time available to train. I recommend starting with a single work set and increasing the number of sets as you become more advanced.

Feel free to substitute similar exercises based on your preference.

Workout A (Compound/Free Weights)

ExerciseSets * Reps @ RPE
Leg Press1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Romanian Deadlift1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Barbell Bench Press1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Cable Row1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Overhead Dumbbell Press1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Lat Pulldown1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9

Workout B (Machine/Isolation)

ExerciseSets * Reps @ RPE
Leg Extension1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Leg Curl1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Machine Bench Press1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Machine Row1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Overhead Machine Press1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9
Underhand Grip Lat Pulldown1-3 * 12-15 @ 8-9

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