Client Results

My client results and testimonials speak for themselves.  Here's a sample.  Click here to learn about my coaching services and apply.

James is by far the BEST coach I have ever worked with for bodybuilding. He is not only the most knowledgeable but he is also down to earth, friendly, and extremely helpful. James doesn't just answer all of my questions (you know how OCD a natural bodybuilder can be) with simple responses. Every time I contacted him he gave me a specific, detailed response that left me with so much more information than I had originally anticipated. I could go on and on and tell you that I have worked with NUMEROUS coaches. I feel with every other coach that I have previously worked with there was always an issue. Some were just arrogant and dismissive and acted like I was just another number. Some were overly pushy and wanted more money for cookie-cutter plans. I would pay a coach for a routine, look at it, and think to myself "what is this!?" Some of these plans were ASKING for injury.  No coaches were as detailed and organized (and nice) as James. As a natural athlete I know I have limitations in how much muscle I can put on my body, so I have always been seeking the the most "optimal" way to train. I also wanted to be careful and train smart as I am suffering from tennis elbow. James put me on a high volume split which incorporated advanced techniques that not only gave me the volume needed to maximize muscle mass, but it also provided the method(s) to protect my joints. His training is by far the best I have ever used, and I have not seen anything as specific and effective as this ever. I will follow his training and his routine for as long as I bodybuild- because it is simply genius and it works! Stop looking for other coaches. If you want a routine, diet, or both James is your guy. He is simply the best- you will NOT find a better prep coach.  - Jon K

You're the BEST I've dealth absolutely NAILED a diet and exercise program that works for have gotten me very dialed in...I feel this was my graduate school experience in weight and health management...I can't say thank you enough.- Pete M.

I cannot adequately express my appreciation and gratitude for your guidance over the last year. This is the most sustained set of personal changes I've ever taken on and achieved.  I needed a coach that I could trust not to be giving me woo-style bro-science when I had questions and the level of accountability was exactly what I needed. You provided a plan whose principles I could understand and trust, which made it easier for me to fully embrace and adhere to. In the process, I also learned a ton about what kind of information and metrics to pay attention to and which are unnecessary, which will be key for my success in the future. - Alex S.

I just want you to know you are the BEST in the business...I so appreciate you having opened my eyes to what I have been missing and changing my perspective on so many things - Emily I.

I want to thank you for being an amazing coach and got me in the best shape & health that I have been in. - Theresa C.

You are by far the smartest and best coach I have ever corresponded with - Jon K.

Every time you answer it makes me so proud I took the coaching - Brigitte L.

I would like to thank you for your help and tell you that I'm getting leaner.  It was like a dream come true because since my two surgeries and the menopause I have always been dieting but without success.  - Carla P.

Body is changing...this is the leanest I have ever been, at any body weight. - Mark S.

It's incredible how you've managed to tailor the program to what my body needed to feel right every time. You always get it right and all this without even seeing me! I'm so happy. - S.Q.

I just wanted to say a quick and sincere "thank you". I never thought I would have managed 45 kgs for 8 on the barbell bench press, but decided to give your number a go. And I managed. Another PR for me that I am not sure I would have tried if you hadn't said so. - S.Q.

I would say that I am in uncharted territory. I am stronger than I have ever been. - J.

I’m so proud to be coached by you! On Monday I finally hit 70kg for 8 reps on the squat! I’ll be managing 10 soon for sure (I’ve been striving for that over the last few months) and I’m so happy! I was doing a max of 3 reps with that weight roughly 3 years ago. And the best part is that I haven’t skipped one single training session yet nor have I had any injuries from my workouts since I’ve started training with you! - S.Q.

Just wanted to tell you that you're the best! Thank you for being so encouraging and gracious with me. I almost can't believe I've changed so much over the past months! - L.M.

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5 years ago

Hi James, I am just enquiring about your weightology research review. I have a niche market which I am currently making helpful videos for a wanted to see if you look over and give feedback on certain topics in the online group via FB? Specifically looking for guidance and feedback on certain topics I will be making content on.

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