Coaching Clients With Obesity Course

Coaching Clients With Obesity
Coaching Clients With Obesity

I'm really excited to announce that my new Personal Trainer Collective course, Coaching Clients with Obesity, is now live. 

Coaching Clients with Obesity is specifically designed to empower the personal trainer when dealing with the unique challenges of clients with obesity. Obesity is a global epidemic, and clients with obesity need special consideration from both a nutritional and exercise standpoint.

It's 8 hours of video over 19 units. You can study it completely online, from anywhere in the world.

Key Outcomes

  • You'll understand the complex, multi-factorial causes of obesity, and how modern lifestyles contribute to it.
  • You'll be able to set up a sustainable nutrition plan for a client with obesity, and be positive that they'll stick to it.
  • You'll feel confident in leading your clients with obesity through an exercise program that's safe, suitable, and scientifically sound.
  • You'll be able to teach your clients how to set up their lifestyle to maximize their chances of losing weight and keeping it off.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Obesity - A Unique Challenge 

Unit 1: What is Obesity
Unit 2: The Primary Driver Behind Obesity
Unit 3: Secondary Drivers of Obesity

Module 2: Nutrition Strategies for Weight Management

Unit 4: Energy Balance and Setting Calorie Targets
Unit 5: Setting up a Sustainable Nutrition Plan

Module 3: Exercise and the Obese Client

Unit 6: Components of Energy Expenditure
Unit 7: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)
Unit 8: Impacts of Endurance Exercise and Interval Training on Energy Expenditure Fat Loss
Unit 9: Impacts of Resistance Exercise on Energy Expenditure and Fat Loss
Unit 10: Impacts of Exercise on Abdominal Fat & FFM Retention
Unit 11: Impact of Exercise on Appetite
Unit 12: Impacts of Fasted vs Fed Exercise on Energy Expenditure and Fat Loss
Unit 13: Exercise Training Modalities for Obese Clients
Unit 14: Strategies for Increasing NEAT

Module 4: Lifestyle Factors for Obesity

Unit 15: Sleep & Self Monitoring

Module 5: The Bigger Picture - Adherence and Long-Term Success

Unit 16: Long-term Weight Maintenance
Unit 17: Psychology of Obesity - Strategies for Adherence and Successful Weight Loss/Maintenance

Module 6: Consultation and Practical Programming

Unit 18: Consulting with an Obese Client and Practical Application
Unit 19: Summary

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As a Personal Trainer, you build your career around other people’s successes. We decided it was time that someone cared about yours.

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