Podcast Appearances


Below is a list of videos and links to podcast appearances.

"Fitness Science Explained" Book...Revolutionary You

The Great Weight Vest Experiment...Barbell Mesearch Podcast

The Great Weight Vest Experiment w/ "Dr" James Krieger

The Great Weight Vest Experiment w/ "Dr" James Krieger

NEAT, Fat Loss, and Metabolism...Build With Bickle Podcast

The Science of Body Metamorphosis...Brute Strength Podcast

The Science of Body Metamorphosis ft. James Krieger

The Science of Body Metamorphosis ft. James Krieger

Weighted Vests, Coaching, and Genetics with Dave Maconi


Diet Breaks, Weighted Vests, and BFR Training with Steve Hall


Insulin, NEAT, Body Comp Testing, and Other Science & Statistics Stuff with Greg Nuckols and Eric Trexler

Fitness Professional Financial Literacy and Weighted Apparel for Fat Loss with Dean Guedo and Andrew Coates

Insulin, Obesity, and Weight Loss with Eric Helms and Omar Isuf

The High Volume Project with Steve Hall

The Science of Diet Breaks and "Refeeds" With Mike Matthews

Volume Study Controversy, Testosterone, and Insulin with Dave Maconi

Muscle Gain with Andrew Shaw

Insulin Myths and Low Carb Diets with Landon Poburan

Navigating the Holidays on Revolutionary You with Mike Howard and Jason Leenarts

Testosterone and Fat-Free Mass, with Omar Isuf

Exertion Load, Volume, and Training to Failure with Carl Lanore

The Best Diet for Fat Loss is the One You Can Stick To, With Ari Whitten

The Truth About Measuring Your Body Fat, with Scott Baptie

What's the Best Rep Range to Build Muscle? With Mike Matthews

Keeping the 'Coach' in Science-Based Coaching with Steve Hall of Revive Stronger

How Much Does Training Frequency Matter with Mike Matthews

Half Size Me:  Why Accountability and Support Is Key To Long-Term Weight Loss with Heather Robertson

Industry Tribalism, Testosterone, Nutrition, Talking to Neighbors at BBQ's, and More - The Fitness Devil You Know with Dean Guedo and Andrew Coates

Training to Failure, the Inaccuracies of Body Composition, & Protein Timing with Jay Campbell of TRT Revolution

Frequency, Volume, and Calories for Strength & Hypertrophy with Danny Lennon of Sigma Nutrition

How Arguing on the Internet Got My Career Started, Among Other Topics with Rafal Matuszewski

The Most Effective Ways to Lose Weight and Bodyfat...Appearance on the Corporate Warrior Podcast with Lawrence Neal

Set Volume and Hypertrophy with Jacob Schepis

Measuring Progress with Dave Smith

Weight Loss and Going from IT Geek to Fitness Geek with Kennet Waale

Obesity and Related Topics with The Man Who Lost 200 Lbs (Darko Botic)

NEAT with Ian Bickle

Carbs, Sugar, Grains, and a Guy Named Taubes...with Stephan Guyenet and Jason Leenarts

Individual Differences in Responses to Diet & Training with Andy Morgan

Metabolic Damage with Jason Leenarts

NEAT & Other Topics on Lift The Bar Podcast with Stuart Aitken (Episode 36)

Muscle Hypertrophy with James Roberts

Tracking Body Fat Percentage with Andy Morgan

The Ultimate Training Guide with Stephen Box

Hypertrophy and Nutrition with Jacob Schepis

Grains with Mike Matthews

Maximizing Hypertrophy with Lidor Dyan

Hypertrophy Programming with Steve Hall

Aspartame, Insulin, & Fat Loss with Ben Coomber

Insulin & Fat Oxidation, Protein Timing, & Critical Thinking:  HPA Podcast

The Science of Training for Fat Loss with Mario Tomic

Sugar & Body Fat with Mario Tomic

Anthropometry/Body Composition Testing with Iraki Nutrition

Carbohydrates and Insulin with Iraki Nutrition

Artificial Sweeteners and Body Fat Testing with SSD

Training Volume, Failure, and Rep Ranges with Jeff Nippard

Insulin, Ketogenic Diets, Weight Loss, and Resistance Training with Guy Bortz

Interview with Chris Burgess and Luke Johnson of the Personal Trainer Collective

NEAT, Gluten, & Reporting of Dietary Intake with Sigma Nutrition

Insulin with Real Health Radio

Insulin with Real Nutrition Radio

Insulin with The Guru Performance Podcast

Single vs Multiple sets with Complete Human Performance

Why Anyone Can Lose Weight...The Science of Fat Loss with Full Disclosure Fitness

The Ideal Number of Sets to Perform for Optimal Progress with Superhuman Radio

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