Weightology Research Review August 2020

The August 2020 issue of the Weightology Research Review is posted, and I've got an exciting announcement!

I'd like to welcome Dr. Brandon Roberts and Dr. Cody Haun to the Weightology team!

They have both written contributions to this issue, and will be making regular contributions in the future. These guys are extremely knowledgeable, great critical thinkers, and I'm excited for them to be on the team! You can check out their bios here.

I've got more enhancements for the research review planned for the near future, including the ability to get CEUs! Stay tuned.

Here's the table of contents for this issue.

  • Weight Loss: Fast or Slow?
  • Adaptive Thermogenesis: It Matters, and It Matters Early
  • Finding the Optimal Velocity Loss for Hypertrophy
  • How Much Time Does It Really Take To Recover Between Training Sessions?
  • Calf Training and Toe Direction: The Bros Were Right
  • Energy Balance: How Much Does Your Poop Matter?
  • The Max Fat Loss/Lean Mass Retention Sweet Spot
  • Fat Regain After Stopping Your Training

Whether you're trying to build muscle, lose fat, compete in physique shows, or help your clients lose weight and get fit, there's something in this issue for everyone.⁠

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