Ask James: Pre- vs Post-Workout Stretching, Leg Extensions/Curls vs. Squats, Healthy Body Fat Percentage, PubMed Searches, HIT vs. Volume Volume, Short Rest/High Rep Combos, Training to Failure, Client Strategies, and Minerals & Hydration

Questions answered in this edition of Ask James:

  • What's your take on pre- vs. post-workout stretching for bodybuilders?
  • Are leg extensions and leg curls useful to strengthen quadriceps and hamstrings, or are there better exercises, for example, squats with weights?
  • What is the lower end of a healthy body fat percentage and what symptoms start to occur when you reach it?
  • What is a good strategy when searching for literature/studies/reviews on a particular topic and how to use it? Is Searching via Ovid Medline or Cochrane Library a good option?
  • Does it matter if you train using HIT or volume, if you're using multiple warm-up sets with HIT?
  • When training with 20RM or higher do you think short rests between sets of 30sec could compensate for the lack of mechanical tension via metabolic stress, similar to Myo Reps or occlusion?
  • In resistance training studies, is the stimulus really training to failure or is it progressing the load?
  • Do you have any specific strategies to keep client adherence to their diet?
  • If a client doesn’t lose weight, and you know this is quite impossible considering the caloric deficit in the diet/exercise routine you gave him/her, what would be your plan for such a scenario?
  • Is it true you can't hydrate with bottled water because it has no minerals in it?

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