Ask James: Muscle Protein Synthesis, RMR & Age, Protein Digestion, Alcohol, Energy Deficit/Surplus Size, and More

Here's the questions answered in this edition of Ask James:

  • Does protein timing matter for trained subjects over untrained subjects due to differences in the muscle protein synthesis response?
  • How do I factor in age and muscle into the RMR estimate for the USDA Body Weight Planner?
  • Do different types of protein matter for building muscle if you eat protein frequently?
  • Do you gain more fat from a caloric surplus if you are consuming alcohol?
  • Do you count incomplete proteins in your daily protein requirements?
  • Can a very small energy deficit be effective for minimizing hunger and muscle loss?
  • Do you have to be glycogen depleted to maximize fat loss?
  • Do you gain the same amount of fat from a very large overnight surplus as compared to a small surplus drawn out over a month?
  • How do nuclei from satellite cells contribute to muscle growth?
  • Do you need to train close to failure to maximize muscle protein synthesis?

Find out the answers to these questions here (MEMBERS ONLY).

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7 years ago

I read a lot about protein synthesis for the last weeks, wouldnt ask that questions about protein timing and high frequency training anymore.

Makes it even worse that a “expert” takes mixed muscle synthesis and a nitrogen balance study for proofing protein timing and HF training…

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