Ask James: Muscle Growth & Joint Health, Time-of-Day of Exercise & Sleep, Individual Hypertrophy Responses to Rep Ranges, RPE & Hypertrophy, Enhancing Body Fat Metabolism, and ROM & Hypertrophy

There's a lot of good questions in this edition of Ask James.  I've got a big back-log of questions; here's answers to some of them, and I'll answer the rest in a future edition within the next week or two.

Questions answered in this edition:

  • How do you balance muscle growth with joint preservation?
  • How does the time of day of exercise impact sleep quality?
  • Are there individual hypertrophy differences in how people respond to various rep ranges?
  • Is there an RPE threshold for hypertrophy?
  • Do you need omega 3 supplements if you consume pastured animal products?
  • Can you enhance body fat metabolism?
  • Do you need to do weight training exercises through a large range of motion to maximize hypertrophy?

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