To Fail or Not To Fail? Should You Be Training to Failure to Maximize Gains?

To Fail or Not To Fail...That Is the Question!

One common question in the field of resistance training is whether you need to train to muscular failure to optimize gains in strength and size.  There are some (such as the High Intensity Training, or H.I.T. community) that believe that if you don't train to momentary muscular failure, your muscles won't have a "reason" to grow bigger and stronger, and thus you won't achieve maximum gains.  Others think that, if you stop short of failure (perhaps 1-2 reps), this helps reduce fatigue and improve total training volume, which is, in and of itself, a stimulus for muscle hypertrophy.

So who is correct?  A recent study sheds light on this question.  When we put this in context with other past research, we can get clear guidelines on whether or not you should train to failure.  This study also gives us some other important insights into training.  Click here to see a written and video research review of this study, and what it may mean to you or your clients (MEMBERS ONLY).

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