Ask James: PAL & TDEE, Meal Planning, Protein Absorption in Jerky vs. Beef, Changing Compound Exercises in a Deficit, Mechanisms Behind the Middle Age Spread, and Best Methods for Abdominal Training 

Questions answered in this edition of Ask James:

  • What is the relationship between PAL and TDEE?
  • When meal planning, is it better to provide a few meal examples with a calorie/macro prescription, or an entire meal plan?
  • How does the absorption of protein from beef jerky compare to cooked beef?
  • Is it OK to change compound exercises when in an energy deficit?
  • Is there any truth to the "middle age spread", and what are the mechanisms behind it?
  • Is it better to train abs like any other muscle group, or train them with body weight/very high reps?

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Dane Knighton
Dane Knighton
6 years ago

Thanks for answering the question James. I thought I’d change to OHP because the spotters in my gym are dangerously bad 🙂

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