Ask James: Maintaining vs. Dropping Rep Ranges, Game-Changing Research, Different Rep Drop-Offs, Weightlifting and Running Shoes, ROM for Hypertrophy, Learning to Read Research, Ab Training, Upper Limits for Energy Expenditure, Volume Progression, Leg Press vs. Squat, Training Frequency, and Exercise Variation

There's a lot of GREAT questions in this edition of Ask James!  This is the most questions I've ever answered in a single edition.

Questions answered in this edition:

  • Is it better to maintain my rep ranges for hypertrophy, or let the reps drop with each successive set as I fatigue?
  • What recent research has significantly changed what we believe, or how we might coach people in practice?
  • If I take multiple sets to failure, the drop off in reps with each set seems to vary from one muscle group to the next.  Why is this?
  • What shoes can be best for weightlifting or moderate pace running?  Do shoes really make a big difference, and do they save us from injuries?
  • Do I need to train through a full ROM to maximize hypertrophy?
  • What resources would you recommend to learn how to evaluate research?
  • Do abdominal exercises help you slim or tighten your waist?  Is there a particular abdominal exercise that you recommend?
  • Is there an upper limit to total daily energy expenditure?  Will my total daily energy expenditure stay the same even if I exercise more?
  • How long should you wait to change your training volume once you've hit a plateau?
  • Can I get the same leg development from a leg press as compared to a squat?
  • Is it better to train a muscle group 2 days per week or 3 days per week for muscle size?  Does it even matter?
  • Is exercise variation important for hypertrophy?

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