Two New Podcast Appearances

Two new podcast appearances are now posted.  In the first one, I talk with Dave Smith on measuring fat loss progress, and why the scale alone is not always a reliable metric.  We go into why you can't concern yourself too much with short-term fluctuations in weight, and how best to measure your progress.  If you don't want to listen to my sexy voice, you can read the transcript in the link.


Click here to see a transcript

I was also on with Jacob Schepis, where we talked about set volume and muscle hypertrophy.  I gave a brief glimpse into my recent Set Volume Bible that I wrote for my Research Review subscribers.

Interview With James Krieger - Review Of The Set Volume Bible | JPS Podcast Ep 28

Interview With James Krieger - Review Of The Set Volume Bible | JPS Podcast Ep 28

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5 years ago

Any thoughts on those all-in-one body scanners that measure fat, bone density, etc?

What about Heart-Rate-Variability monitors (ex. Oura ring)?

Keto Meters (either urine, breath, or blood)?

Continuous sugar monitors ( ex. Dexcom G5 ) ?

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