Low Reps vs. High Reps for Muscle Gain: Expert Roundtable, and HFCS

While this post is not weight loss related, I was involved in an expert roundtable on a recent study comparing low repetitions and high repetitions of resistance exercise for muscle gain.  The other experts were Lyle McDonald and Borge Fagerli.   Check it out over on Martin Berkhan's LeanGains site.

I also highly recommend you check out this blog post on high fructose corn syrup over on Science-Based Medicine.

The next issue of Weightology Weekly will be posted in a few days.

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Henry Robinson
12 years ago

That’s an awesome concept which is co-related with weight-loss. With a bit of luck I became impress by the issue which you posted here. By the way I still waiting for your next post. Thanks and best luck.

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