Training Frequency for Hypertrophy: The Evidence-Based Bible

Next to "How many sets should I do?", one of the most common questions by people looking to maximize muscle hypertrophy is, "How often should I train each muscle group?"  You'll find a variety of opinions on this matter, both among the "bros" as well as professionals in the field.  In practice, you'll see training frequencies ranging from the classic "bro-split" of one muscle group per day, to the typical "train each muscle group 2-3 times per week", to the recent trends towards high training frequencies, training each muscle group on almost a daily basis.  So which approach is correct?  Or does it matter that much?  In this 8,000 word evidence-based guide, I will go over all of the data that is relevant to training frequency, including muscle protein synthesis, strength recovery, muscle damage, and studies that have examined the impacts of frequency on hypertrophy.  I also present you with a BRAND NEW meta-analysis on training analysis you won't find anywhere else!

If there ever was a bible on training frequency, this is it.

Click here to learn just how frequently you should train each muscle group to maximize your gains (MEMBERS ONLY).


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