Some Rebuttals to the Critiques of My Insulin Series

Some of you may already know that Jimmy Moore posted a series of opinions from various well known individuals within the low-carb community, critiquing my series of articles on insulin.  I hope to draft some rebuttals in the future, but lately I have been inundated with other priorities and have also been sick.  Many of you may not know that I have a full-time job outside of this website as an analyst for a health and wellness company, which takes a big chunk of my time.  On top of that, I am a part-time day trader, I have been under deadlines to write articles for the next issue of Journal of Pure Power, I am occasionally teaching a weight loss coaching course, and I am still working on getting the subscription site for Weightology Weekly set up.  And this is not to mention just the everyday responsibilities such as my relationship with my wife and family, daily chores and household work, and trying to get some time to rest as well!  So I do apologize to people that have left comments on my blog posts and articles for which I have not had a chance to respond yet.

In the mean time, Carb Sane has posted an excellent set of rebuttals to the opinions that Jimmy Moore posted.  You can read parts I, II and III.  Read through the comments as well.  Carb Sane has a very sharp mind for science.  She is a low carber herself, but she can't stand the way that many in the low carb community have bastardized and misrepresented science in the name of low carb dieting.  She does an excellent job of exposing the scientific errors of many low carb gurus such as Taubes and Eades.

9 Responses to “Some Rebuttals to the Critiques of My Insulin Series

  • Since installment IV got messed up, I thought I would post the new link and one to installment V as well.

    IV Todd Becker and V Richard Feinman

  • Get well soon! Have you tried a Stoss dose (50,000iu) of Vitamin D3?
    Cheers, Nige.

  • Get well wishes from me too!

    I appreciate the time you take to add to this site despite your other commitments!

    Do you think you’ll have time to do an interview with Jimmy Moore in the near future? I saw his invitation in the comments on Carb Sane.

  • Links to a couple of articles addressing popular low carb dogma

    Low carb dogma

    Bray’s Review of Good Calories Bad Calories

    coach hale

  • I really feel that in order to choose between low carb, high carb or moderate carb diets, one must first really address their goals. If they want to train hard, like to train hard or are an athlete of any source, it is hard and borderline useless to maintain a lowe carb diet. Carbs offer too much of a benefit, and although the results are impecable, the person that maintains such a diet is certainly the exception, not the rule or the norm. Truth is, it is very hard to maintain for a myriad of reasons. I wouldn’t ever debate the positive impacts it has on body composition and biomedical healthmarkers. Noentheless, you can still achieve great results by not being afraid of carbs, especially if you like to workout. More importantly, if your are someone who has lost weight, keeping it off is what matters, especially since initial weightloss is a combination of water and fat. Due to the metabolic adaptions of low cab diets, exercise allows you to eat more and still burn more by maintaining a very conventional (5-15%) caloric deficit. So, I don’t think there shold ever be a debate about which one works or is better. Both provide proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, but each’s success is highly dependent on the person involved.

  • Just wanted to let your readers know of 3 more installments:

    VI: Dr. William Davis of Heart Scan Blog
    VII: Tom Naughton of Fat Head Movie
    VIII: Adam Kosloff of Low Carb Survivor’s Guide

    Hope you’re having a very Merry Christmas with your family. Thanks for linking to my series!

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