Short Rests for Hypertrophy? Say WHAAAAATTTT?

If you've been following people like Brad Schoenfeld and myself, you're probably aware of the accumulating body of research demonstrating that long rests, rather than short rests, are better for increasing muscle size.  This is at complete odds with the old bro gym lore that you needed to do short rest to get a massive pump if you really wanted to increase the size of your muscles.  Of course, every now and then, you get a study that turns your world upside down, and makes you question life itself.  OK, maybe not that extreme, but there are occasionally studies that appear that show the complete opposite of what the research has tended to show.  One such study on rest intervals was just recently published.  What can this study tell us about rest intervals, light weights, and muscle size, and how do we reconcile it with previous research?  Click here to read and view a video research review on this study, and what the results mean to you or your clients (MEMBERS ONLY).

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