Set Volume for Muscle Size: The Ultimate Evidence Based Bible

"How many sets should I do?" is probably one of the most common questions that people have when trying to build muscle.  In fact, the number of sets you should do to build muscle can be such a point of contention that people have fought internet and journal article wars over it.  Entire training philosophies (i.e., High Intensity Training and Heavy Duty) have been built around how many sets people think you should do.  In fact, for years, people have been arguing over whether you should train with a low number of sets, or high number of sets, to maximize muscle hypertrophy.

The best approach, of course, is to examine the scientific evidence, and consider where the overall weight of the evidence lies.  In regards to training volume, it's not that easy, due to the limitations in the existing research.  Still, that doesn't mean we can't come up with some solid evidence-based recommendations.  In this 6000 word, evidence-based bible, you will find the most thorough answer to the question "How many sets should I do?" that you can find ANYWHERE.  I cover everything from the impacts of set volume on muscle protein synthesis, anabolic signaling, satellite cells, strength, and changes in muscle size.  I also go over how much is too much.  I even take data from the meta-analysis I did with Brad Schoenfeld and Dan Ogborn, and analyze it in some new analysis you won't find anywhere else!  This is, by far, your ultimate "go-to" guide for determining how many sets you should do to maximize changes in muscle size.

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