Just Released: The Volume Bible [FREE]

I get this question all the time and I bet you do too:

How many sets should I do?

Answers range from: “You only need to do one gut-busting set” to “You need to annihilate those muscles with 20 sets, bro.”

So what’s the right answer? I've got it for you - completely FREE in my just released Volume Bible.

Set Volume for Muscle Size: The Ultimate Evidence-Based Bible answers this question and MUCH more…and now it's yours for FREE.

This 16,000+ word bible was exclusive to my Research Review subscribers…but now you get to read it too.

This is {said with Parks & Rec, Rob Lowe voice} *literally*, the most comprehensive article on training volume and hypertrophy you’ll find ANYWHERE.

The Volume Bible teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know about training volume for hypertrophy. I answers questions including:

  • How many sets should you do?
  • Should you cycle your volume?
  • Should your volume change as you become more advanced?
  • How does volume interact with frequency?
  • How does volume impact the process by which your muscles grow?


I leave no stone unturned. The work is done for you. I go through ALL the research on training volume and hypertrophy.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what Brian Minor, MS, CSCS, had to say:
The volume bible is SO good. It has to be the most comprehensive volume related resource online.”

Get your Free Volume Bible here, and feel free to share with your friends.

May the Growth Be With You,


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