How to Use Weighted Apparel During Contest Prep

I recently embarked on an experiment with my coaching client, Eric Lee Salazar.

He wore a weighted vest and other weighted apparel throughout his prep. The results were phenomenal.

He won his IFBB pro card while getting the leanest he had ever been. He also commented on how it was the easiest prep he ever had. He didn’t have the problems with binges and extreme food focus that competitors often have.
If you’ve coached someone or prepped for a show yourself, you know that contest prep is EXTREMELY difficult.
Trying to get to such low body fat is NOT easy.

Your body will fight you tooth and nail every step of the way. You’re hungry and you feel like crap. Thus, anything that can make the process better can be extremely useful.
So why did the weighted vest work so well, and how can you use it for your own prep?

I’ve got the answers for you – completely FREE in “The Use of Weighted Apparel During Contest Prep: The Science and Practical Application.”
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You get a complete view of the science behind why weighted apparel can help you in your contest prep, and how to effectively use it. You won’t find an article like this anywhere else.
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May the Shred Be With You,
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