Ask James: Body Weight Training, Periodization, Measuring Progress, Deficit Size, Isolation Exercises, CT for Body Comp, Post Workout Cardio, Rest Intervals, and Krieger’s Origins (Whew!)

There are a lot of great questions featured in this edition of Ask James.

  • Is it better to do body weight exercises to failure?
  • Do complex periodization schemes simply mask slow progress?
  • When should a novice start using periodization?
  • In addition to strength increases, tape measure, and body weight/composition, what else can you use to assess progress?
  • Is there a way for someone to know how hard to push a deficit but not so hard as to lose muscle?
  • When should a novice use isolation exercises, such as for rear delts?
  • How accurate is CT scanning for body composition?
  • Does moderate cardio after training hurt hypertrophy?  Should it be done on leg or upper body days?
  • Should you do isolation exercises with long or short rest periods?
  • Is James of German descent?

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