Ask James: Post-Tetanic Potentiation & Hypertrophy Training, How to Improve the Muscle “Pump”, Rest-Pause Training, Training to Failure, How Much Weight to Gain While Building Muscle, Drinking During Meals & Digestion, Lift Progression During Dieting, & Squats and Hip Replacement

Questions answered in this edition of Ask James:

  • Can post-tetanic potentiation enhance hypertrophy?
  • Why am I not getting a good pump anymore?
  • When doing rest pause training, do the reps after the activation set technically count as low reps?
  • How does “training to failure” in research studies look like? Do the subjects get controlled for good form or is it a real world *Dorian Yates Blood and Guts* type of failure?
  • At what numbers should you aim to gain weekly during a bulk so that its mostly muscle?
  • Does drinking water during a meal affect digestion?
  • Can performance on key compound lifts be a good gauge of muscle retention during a diet?
  • Can someone squat after a hip replacement?

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Jeff Anderson
6 years ago

How to become a member? I want to read the answers.

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