Ask James: Intermittent Fasting, Whole Body vs. Split Routines, Small vs. Large Muscle Group Recovery, & Meal Frequency and Muscle Building

This edition of "Ask James" is a great one!  In this edition, I give detailed, evidence-based answers to the following questions (with references to research):

  • What is the compensatory effect of fasting on subsequent calorie intake (i.e., if you do intermittent or alternate day fasting, will you end up eating more on your normal days)?
  • Should beginners only do full body routines?  Is it worthwhile for beginners to do isolation movements, or should they just do compound movements?
  • The bro lore says that smaller muscle groups recover faster than larger ones, and therefore you can train them more frequently.  Is this true?
  • Is more frequent eating better for building muscle?  If so, is it enough to be noticeable?

My answers are in both text and video format.  Click here to see all my answers (MEMBERS ONLY).

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