The New & Improved Weightology Research Review! November 2019 Issue

BIG improvements have come to the Weightology Research Review! It now comes in an interactive, mobile-friendly, color PDF covering 8 studies related to muscle building and fat loss each month!

Here's some highlights of the improvements:

  • Coverage of 6-7 new studies on muscle gain and fat loss each month. I go over the reasons for the study, the methods, the results, and what the results mean to you. I'll discuss it in the context of other relevant research and where the weight of the evidence lies. I give you practical takeaways to apply to your own training and nutrition or that of your clients.
  • Coverage of 1-2 "Past Blast" studies each month. Meaningful studies don't have an expiration date. It's important to revisit past research so that you have as much knowledge as possible to enhance your results.
  • NEW! Interactive, mobile-friendly, visually attractive color PDF. Read on the go with your phone - no annoying pinching or zooming. The Weightology Research Review is designed for mobile and desktop. It's easy to navigate, has hyperlinks to relevant research, and full-color graphics to make it easy to follow.

Here's what's available in the November issue:

  • Can you target slow twitch fibers in your training?
  • Can reducing portion sizes help you eat less?
  • Do you need more protein for maximum muscle than previously thought?
  • Interval training: the magic bullet for fat loss?
  • Is whole body blood flow restriction training just as effective as traditional heavy load training?
  • Can your style of weight training impact how much you eat?
  • Does mixing up your loads and exercises help you build muscle?
  • Fat loss and muscle retention: how slow should you go?

Here's a visual snapshot of some of the content:

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P.S. What happened to the October content? Nothing! You haven't missed a month. I've just marked the month that the content gets released as the current month rather than the previous month, as new content always gets posted the first week of the month. So watch out for the next issue in the first week of December!

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