Weightology Research Review December 2019

The December issue of the Weightology Research Review is JAM PACKED with nearly 100 pages of awesome info! Whether you're trying to build muscle, lose fat, competing in physique shows, or helping your clients lose weight and get fit, there's something in it for everyone.Here's the table of contents for the December issue.

  • Are cluster sets as good as traditional sets for hypertrophy?
  • Does the tortoise always beat the hare when it comes to fat loss?
  • Does carb loading really work for contest prep?
  • Can diet help you fight adaptive thermogenesis?
  • Does pre-exhaustion help you build more muscle?
  • Can your style of weight training impact how much you eat? Part II
  • Can partial reps increase quad hypertrophy?
  • Does the pattern of protein intake matter for muscle retention while dieting?

Here's a visual snapshot of some of the content:

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