The Health & Wellness Industry: Full of Bull

Like the world of used car salesmen, politics, and tabloid journalism, the health and wellness industry can be full of crap.  It is an industry where anyone can pretend to be an expert, present you with the latest snake oil that is supposed to cure you of your ills, and fill their wallets by selling products that have little to no evidence to support them.  It is an industry that preys upon the public's desire for quick fixes, while breeding distrust of traditional medicine.  It is an industry that takes advantage of the public's lack of knowledge and critical thinking.  It is an industry saturated with pseudoscience masquerading as real science.  It is an industry that sells first and lets you ask questions later.  It is an industry where the level of evidence provided does not match up with the claims that are made.

The purpose of this blog is to investigate various claims and products in this industry, and challenge their evidence basis.  The goal is to take an unbiased, critical analysis of these claims and products.  Since I have no financial ties to any products in this industry, I have no obligations to promote any product; I can take an honest look at the claims being made, and call B.S. when necessary.

Welcome to the Health Sleuth's blog.  If you have any ideas of products or claims that you would like to see investigated, do not hesitate to contact me.

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