How Long Will It Take To See My Abs?

A question I get sometimes is "How long will it take to see my abs?"

Well, it depends on where you start, but it can take a lot longer than you think. 1.5 years after my competition, my abs started doing a disappearing act better than a Patrick Umphrey magic show, so it was time to lean out. The picture shows my 7 week progress. I'm down 7 lbs, waist size is down 1.5 inches, and you can see my upper abs starting to show, but I'm still a ways away from ripped abs (I'm still 3 inches above my competition waist size).

The bottom line is that it takes patience and consistency. If you can't see your abs now, you won't be seeing them in a month. It's taken me nearly 2 months for them to finally start to appear, and I started at a point where you could just barely see them. In general, it will take more time and more fat loss than you think, especially if you're a guy, since abs tend to be the last place where fat goes on men.


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