Ask James: Recovery, Hypertrophy Volume Programming, Protein & Endurance, Tracking Food Intake, Energy Expenditure in People of Different Sizes, and Ketosis

Here are the questions answered in this edition of Ask James:

  • What is the timeline for recovery from overreaching in different modalities of training (like heavy strength work versus hypertrophy work)?
  • How do you implement the science on training volume and hypertrophy into program designs?
  • Endurance athletes rely on lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation even when insulin levels are elevated.  What happens if insulin levels are elevated from protein but not carbs?
  • What methods of tracking food intake can work for busy people and people who struggle to track?
  • Why does progress eventually stall in terms of hypertrophy?  What about overtraining and hypertrophy?
  • How do we compare energy expenditure between people of different sizes and body composition?
  • What are the functions of ketones in the body?  How do they compare as a fuel source for aerobic versus anaerobic exercise?
  • Why are higher fat intakes typically recommended even though the daily requirements for essential fatty acids are very low?

Find out the answers to these questions here (MEMBERS ONLY).


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