Ask James: Progressive Overload, Deficit to Maintenance, Calculating Macros, Cardio for Shorties, Sodium, Cutting Water for Prep, & Surplus for Growth

We've got more great questions featured in this edition of Ask James.

  • Can increased volume count as progressive overload?
  • Do I need to be constantly increasing my volume load (sets*reps*weight) to obtain progressive overload?
  • How long after returning from a deficit to maintenance can an individual reach their full anabolic potential?
  • What is my rule of thumb for calculating macros?
  • Should individuals of smaller stature use cardio for fat loss?
  • Do you need to limit your salt intake below 5 grams per day?  Does 1 gram of salt "store" 100 mL in your body?
  • Do you need to cut water, sodium, dairy, and/or fruit when prepping for a photo shoot or contest?
  • Is it better to be in a 10-20% surplus for muscle growth, or can you stay in maintenance and eliminate the fat gain?

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