Lift The Bar Podcast Appearance

I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Lift The Bar Podcast with Stuart Aitken.  Check it out here (Episode 36).
Here's some of the stuff we covered:

- How important is it that personal trainers understand or read the research? Is it enough to subscribe to AARR etc?

- Could personal trainers do a better job when it comes to sharing research?

- Explaining his insulin series in a simple format + some of those myths broken down.

- What is NEAT? Why is it important we understand this?

- What happens to your metabolism as weight loss occurs?

- What can we do to ensure NEAT doesn't decrease when dieting?

- How can we make clients aware of their NEAT?

- Practical considerations for NEAT.

- Intermittent fasting and why James is finding the research and uses for this interesting


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