Weightology Weekly 1(3): The Pitfalls of Body Fat “Measurement”, Parts 1 and 2

This issue represents the beginning of a multi-part series on body fat testing.  In this issue:

  • Part 1:  Body fat testing is not a measurement; rather, it is a prediction.  It is a prediction with significant error, an error larger than most people realize.  Click here to learn more...
  • Part 2:  Underwater weighing has long been considered the "gold standard" of body fat testing.  However, it is more deserving of the bronze standard.  Click here to learn why...

Parts 3 and 4 to come in next week's issue!

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12 years ago


Thanks for your posts. Are you aware of any evidence that suggests decreasing skin folds, or even body fat, is beneficial for performance (specifically tennis)?

I know the theory: less body fat = greater relative strength/power, etc, but am not convinced the relationship is that easy.


13 years ago

I don’t really take any or even follow the industry of supplements, but any opinion on BCAA’s? Maybe I’m just out of the loop but seems I’m starting to see them mentioned all over the place.


13 years ago
Reply to  James Krieger

Cool, kind of what I was thinking.

I’ve been using Sun Warrior rice protein instead of Whey, any thoughts?

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