The Most Complete, Most Scientifically Accurate Reference Guide On Supplements You’ll Find

Hello, Weightology readers,

You all know me as an evidence-based person, and you know that I rarely endorse anything on this site as most stuff out there simply doesn't meet my standards for having a solid basis in evidence.  This is particularly true when it comes to supplements and information about them.

However, thanks to my friend Sol Orwell and his partners at, there's the most complete, most scientifically accurate guide on supplements you will find anywhere.  Sol has done an amazing job with this.  For just about any supplement you can think of, you can look up a complete summary of what the research has to say about the supplement...its effects on strength, power, hypertrophy, endurance, etc, and how strong the effects are.  Sol also grades the level of evidence, so you know how strong the evidence is behind the supplement's effects.  You can think of it as a Physician's Desk Reference for supplements, except 1000 times better.

This is the most massive undertaking I've ever seen in regards to scientific info on supplements.  I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solid evidence-based guide on supplements.  If you are interested in the guide, you can purchase it by clicking here.

While I am an affiliate and receive a commission if you buy the product through my link, you all know that I would never give a product my backing unless I had 100% confidence in its evidence-basis, and I give this guide my highest recommendation.

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Bill F
Bill F
10 years ago

The purchase link seems to be broken. It looks like it has an extra “” prepended to it.

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