The Benefit of Frequent Walk Breaks on NEAT, Mood, & Food Cravings

When I had a corporate desk job, one strategy I used to combat the potential reduction in NEAT was to take 5 minute breaks every hour and walk around the building.  In fact, I became known as "the guy who walks around the building all day" and was even featured in the company newsletter.  Those of you who have seen my lectures on NEAT will know I've discussed research on the potential energy expenditure and cumulative activity benefits of this strategy.
One thing I noticed as well was that my mood seemed to be better.  In fact, there's research to support this.  In this study, researchers found that six hourly 5-minute walks improved mood, decreased fatigue, and reduced food cravings.  Thus, frequent short walk breaks can be a strategy you can introduce to your clients who have desk jobs; not only will it improve their NEAT levels, but it may improve their mood and maybe even reduce their food cravings as well.

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