Ask James: Cooking Oil Absorption, Insulin & Protein, RMR Adaptation to Weight Loss, Complete/Incomplete Protein Competition, and Caloric Deficits

Here's the questions answered in this edition of Ask James:

  • Has there been any research into how much fat is actually on the food when one uses oil for cooking?
  • How much fat comes out of meats when they’re grilled?
  • Why does the body produce insulin when we eat protein?
  • What is the range in the slowdown of RMR over the short term and long term during weight loss?
  • Is the slowdown in RMR that occurs with weight loss reversible?  Can refeed strategies help normalize RMR?
  • When combining complete & incomplete proteins, do the incomplete proteins compete and "take away" essential amino acids?
  • If you are in a caloric deficit for a single day, did you lose body fat in that day/night or does it take longer to "kick start"?

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