Keeping the ‘Coach’ in Science-Based Coaching

I wrote an article for Andy Morgan's outstanding Rippedbody site on how to meld the art and science of coaching.  Here's an excerpt:

When you are designing a program, you are guessing what you think is going to work. By basing your guesses on science, you make it an educated guess and improve the probability that things are going to work. However, it’s still an educated guess. When you prescribe a calorie intake, it’s an educated guess. When you set a protein level, it’s an educated guess. When you decide how many days per week to train each muscle group, it’s an educated guess. Your guess may be right, or it may need to be modified based on how the client responds.

Really, coaching is a just a series of educated guesses that you’re giving to a client.

Check out the rest of the article here.

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