Sport & Performance Summit Is Less Than A Month Away!

The Sport & Performance Summit is less than a month away. This thing is LOADED...and I mean LOADED with awesome speakers from Greg Nuckols to Alan Aragon to Brad Schoenfeld to...well you get the point. Oh, yeah, and I'm speaking there too. And I'm pretty sure I will be upping my trolling game to new levels for this one.

The amount of knowledge you will take away from this event is going to be ...beyond ridiculous. Think of our brains being merged into a giant superbrain and then telepathically transferring all of that directly into your brain as a giant ball of light flashes all across the Netherlands.

If you're on the fence about coming, then get off of it with the code Jameskrieger20 to get 20% off your registration. And if you're on the wrong side of the fence, climb over it.


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