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Weightology Weekly Classics: Step Count Edition

In other articles, I have constantly preached the benefits of accumulated physical activity and non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT).  I have also advocated...

Weightology Weekly Classics: Does Skipping Breakfast Affect Your Metabolism?

Can skipping breakfast alter your metabolism or energy expenditure?  Find out in this Weightology Weekly Classic (MEMBERS ONLY).

Ask James: Maintaining vs. Dropping Rep Ranges, Game-Changing Research, Different Rep Drop-Offs, Weightlifting and Running Shoes, ROM for Hypertrophy, Learning to Read Research, Ab Training, Upper Limits for Energy Expenditure, Volume Progression, Leg Press vs. Squat, Training Frequency, and Exercise Variation

There's a lot of GREAT questions in this edition of Ask James!  This is the most questions I've ever answered...

Weightology Weekly Classics: Portable Metabolism Testers, and Overfeeding & Energy Expenditure

Some more Research Review content has been added to the Member's Area.  In these three Weightology Weekly Classic reviews, I go over the...

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