Jun 302011

As mentioned in this post, I will be participating in the 5th annual Kiteboard 4 Cancer event at Hood River, Oregon on July 9th.  Money goes to advocacy, prevention, research, and survivorship programs.  If you are willing to make a donation, please visit my donation page:


Here's a cool video talking more about the event:

A big thank you to those of you who have already made a donation!


Jun 272011

In this issue:


Jun 242011

In this issue:

  • How Can We Better Estimate Calorie Intake?  People are notoriously inaccurate at measuring their own calorie intake, and underreporting is quite prevalent.  Unfortunately only expensive research techniques like doubly labeled water have been available to verify a person's calorie intake.  However, new data reveals a simpler way to get a reasonable estimate of whether you are in a calorie deficit or not.  Click here to learn more.

NOTE:  This represents the 3rd of 6 articles to appear in Weightology Weekly this month.  The last 3 will be posted before the end of the month.

Jun 022011

All my readers,

On July 9th I will be participating in the 5th annual Kiteboard 4 Cancer event at the Hood River event site in Oregon.  It will involve a 6-hour endurance race where I will try to complete as many laps as possible in that time period.  The goal of Kiteboard 4 Cancer is to raise money for advocacy, prevention, and survivorship programs.  Kiteboard 4 Cancer is under an umbrella of multiple events known this year as the Tenacity Games, which will include a stand-up paddleboarding event and kiteboarding relay race.

If any of you are willing to make a donation, please visit my donation page:


I participated in this event in 2008 and it was a joy to gather with other kiteboarders to raise money for the battle against this difficult disease.  Here are some pics from 2008:


Rigging up



Off to a late start due to technical difficulties...look at all of those kites on the water!
Kites ready to launch for the day's race
Switched to a bigger kite...the black and white kite with the 0



This is in memory of my Uncle Bob Raper and grandfather Glenn Van Wieringen, who both passed away from cancer.

Thank you for helping me to support this cause.