Ask James: Measuring Calorie Burn During Weight Training, Metabolism of Lean vs. Obese, Leangains, Stubborn Fat, and Effect of Training on Hormones

Here's questions answered in this edition of Ask James:

  • Can I use a heart rate monitor to measure the calories I burn during weight training?  Why or why not?  If not, is there any method that I can use?
  • If muscle mass is the same between an obese and lean person, why does an obese person have a higher resting metabolic rate?
  • What are the fat loss advantages of a Leangains cycle diet compared to other cyclic approaches?
  • If volume is the most important factor in terms of energy expenditure from weight training, is the volume load from light weights and higher reps less effective for burning calories compared to that with heavier weights?
  • What is the most reliable way to get rid of stubborn fat?
  • Do people who train consistently have higher levels of anabolic hormones, like testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF-I?

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