Jan 162011

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  • Aspartame…An Undeserved Bad Reputation, Part 1.  You may be familiar with my series Insulin…An Undeserved Bad Reputation.  Well, insulin is not the only guy on the block who has gotten a reputation that he doesn’t deserve.  Artificial sweeteners, in particular aspartame (or Nutrasweet), have also received unfair criticism.  There are wild stories out there that aspartame will cause all sorts of health problems.  As usual, I will take a careful, evidence-based approach to this matter, and discuss what the science has to say about aspartame.  I will eventually discuss other artificial sweeteners as well.  Click here to read Part 1.

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  1. I’m surprised to hear you defend aspartame when I and so many I know have experienced the ill effects of this (and other) artificial sweeteners. I personally suffered from debilitating migraines until I took the time to cut out all artificial flavor enhancers – which was a huge effort, as a I live in Thailand and had to learn all the different Thai names (and spelling) for such products, as well as the English versions. I understand that for the purpose of this blog, you might be specifically addressing aspartame’s reputation fro causing weight gain, and that you might be less interested in other symptoms, like gasto distress or headaches. However, I don’t think overall well-being and weight loss should be treated as mutually exclusive subjects…


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